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  • We guarantee the operation of your furnaces and air conditioning system when you obtained the Dusan service club.
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About us

Dusan was born in 2021 in Chicago, IL. We have served all Chicagoland areas and the surrounding suburbs. All our technicians and founders have more than ten years of experience in HVAC systems or/and electrical systems. Our professionals are licensed or certified by the EPA and the NEC code. We are always ready to guide you throughout your projects or give you the service when maintenance is needed.

We are the best option


Once you call us, we take care of you, We do not lie to you. We understand when you have emergencies, and we are ready to solve your issues in the shortest time possible, depending on the conditions.


Our top principle is to not overcharge for our service. You won´t get what you do not need (we do not push our customers to get crazy services or products). Since we are HONEST, we have the best price. We also make it easy for you, if you follow Dusan Techs´ suggestions, you have a warranty for the service and the parts.

We got your back

Become part of the eighty cents club. It gives you the preferred services, and the 
 preventive "clean and checks" are included. *

Maintenance Management

Release your stress. If you want, we can take care of all your properties and maintenance required. We have a plan for your property maintenance, focus on your business, we take care of you.

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Licensed and Insured.

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Tankless Water Heater Installation